Promoting, raising funds for, and assisting with projects that add to 
the beauty and enjoyment of Madge Lake

About Friends of Madge Lake

Board of Directors

Patti Hack - Chairperson

Ann MacLellan - Vice Chair

Leesa Haslund - Secretary

Kim Schindler - Treasurer

Angel Serhan-Seitz - Technology, Memberships and Communications

Nancy Welykholowa, Lance Gussie, Lisa Placatka, Kevin Streat, Gillian Culham, Pat Hladun, and Lorraine Schneider.

The board provides
​representation from every subdivision and from the camping community.

Greg Podovinikoff provides Park management liaison to the board.

During the summer of 2017, a non-profit group was organized to work cooperatively with Duck Mountain Provincial Park management and staff to enhance recreational, educational and interpretive programs.

The purpose of Friends of Madge Lake is to highlight, raise funds for, and assist with projects that will add to the beauty and enjoyment of the Madge Lake experience. A founding board consisting of 11 volunteers was formed. It provides representation from every subdivision and from the camping community.

This board is working hard to structure the organization, set policy and by-laws and provide direction for an initial term until the first Annual General Meeting. The annual meeting will be held in the recreation hall, and will be open to all who have purchased a membership. That will allow the board to share information and set common goals. The date of the AGM will be shared with members as soon as it is set.

The purpose of Friends of Madge Lake is to promote preservation of the natural environment and special natural features of Madge Lake for their intrinsic value and for the inspiration and enjoyment of present and future generations as a public trust.    

The organization will identify projects, raise funds to fulfill set goals, mobilize volunteers, and work toward enhancing the park and Madge Lake.

Our Specialty Store

The Friends of Madge Lake Specialty Store, located in our Heritage Cabin at 16 Fern Drive, Fern Campground, showcases local handmade goods including home decor and art pieces, homemade bug spray, soaps, body lotions and scrubs, jams and spreads, a large variety of ice creams, pop, other confectionary items and more!

The Specialty Store open everyday throughout July and August from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Our store is 100% volunteer run so it is only open subject to volunteer availability.

If you are interested in volunteering to staff the office during the summer months, please let us know.