Promoting, raising funds for, and assisting with projects that add to 
the beauty and enjoyment of Madge Lake

The Friends of Madge Lake Specialty Store, located in our Heritage Cabin at 16 Fern Drive, Fern Campground, showcases local handmade goods including home decor and art pieces, homemade bug spray, soaps, body lotions and scrubs, jams and spreads, a large variety of ice creams, pop, other confectionary items and more!

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Membership chooses projects to be funded by FoML

Following the annual general meeting in August and the membership vote, the Friends of Madge Lake board made decisions about projects based on the results of a vote by the membership.

Park signage was the number one membership choice by quite a margin, so most of this year’s cabin profits and membership fee profits will be dedicated to that project.

Our target is to be able to purchase 12 highway signs and 20 trail signs for a total of approximately $15,000.

The next three projects chosen – all very close -- were: Recapping the tennis/basketball courts; subdivision playgrounds, tied with off-leash dog park.

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Be a Friend

Friends of Madge Lake is a non-profit organization that promotes the preservation of the natural environment and special natural features of Madge Lake for their intrinsic value and for the inspiration and enjoyment of present and future generations as a public trust.

Our purpose is to identify valued projects in the park, raise sufficient funds to fulfill our goals and work toward enhancing the Madge Lake experience. We volunteer, and organize volunteer drives, to enhance or maintain the park in collaboration with park administration.

The Friends of Madge Lake home office and store is in the log cabin up the hill, east from Ministik Beach (by the ball diamonds). Interested Friends are able to purchase memberships and buy cookbooks at the cabin during set hours in summer.

You may also buy memberships through this web site. When you buy a membership, you will be added to our email list so we can inform you about ongoing and upcoming projects and events.

Madge Lake is a beautiful spot and a very important place to many, many people. Our intent is to add beauty and value to this gem. 

If you are interested in putting in some volunteer hours with us, call one of the directors or contact us.