Promoting, raising funds for, and assisting with projects that add to 
the beauty and enjoyment of Madge Lake

Madge Lake Favourites cookbook

Our kick-off project is the Madge Lake Favourites cookbook that has just gone off to the publishers and will be available for sale in the summer of 2018.

Thank you to all the people who submitted recipes or stories for the book. Some Friends who submitted recipes wrote on their form that they wished to order cookbooks at that time.  Because of the administrative load of keeping track of orders and contacting people, we will be unable to recognize or adhere to those pre-orders.

When the books goes on sale we expect to have enough stock for everyone who wishes to buy.

It will be on sale at our new home office at Madge Lake, and likely also at several locations in Kamsack. 

Watch for more details here about the cookbook, and other projects at Madge Lake as they are finalized.


Following the annual general meeting in August and the membership vote, the Friends of Madge Lake board made decisions about projects based on the results of a vote by the membership.

Park signage was the number one membership choice by quite a margin, so most of this year’s cabin profits and membership fee profits will be dedicated to that project.

Our target is to be able to purchase 12 highway signs and 20 trail signs for a total of approximately $15,000.

The next three projects chosen – all very close -- were: Recapping the tennis/basketball courts; subdivision playgrounds, tied with off-leash dog park. We have opened target accounts for each of these projects and have divided the remainder of our available funds between them. Park manager Greg Podivinnikoff obtained a quote for the asphalt for the court resurfacing, which came in much higher than we expected at $42,000. 

We are presently obtaining costs for natural playgrounds. The range is $5,000 to the sky, depending on the number of elements included. We may be able to start with a smaller playground project in one of the subdivisions and then add to it. 
The off-leash dog park cost is about $5,000. We have had a few people approach us that are interested in making private donations toward that project.

We will accept donations and continue working and adding to the target accounts and complete projects when we can. We are also in the process of investigating grants for various park improvements including trail improvements. We are going to partner with the park to do some tree planting next spring. If anyone is interested in planting watch for emails and we will let you know when the project begins.

Thank you for your input and support of Friends of Madge Lake. If any of the above projects especially interest you and you want to make a donation or sponsor or partially sponsor a project, please contact us through our website, by contacting a director, private messenger on Facebook, or by mail at Box 357, Kamsack SK S0A 1S0.